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About Us

About InfinityHosts LLP

InfinityHosts LLP was established in 2012, Providing exclusive services as per customer's requirements. We put ourselves in our customer's place to cater their needs in the best possible way by providing them with various Reliable, Secure & Affordable Web Solutions. Our office is located at the heart of New Delhi, India. We provide our services to the whole world with many satisfied customers. We believe in providing Quality & Customer Service possible. All our servers are located at a Datacenter in Netherlands using the Interactive 3D network.

Our Network & Datacenter

InfinityHosts LLP Network supplies the Interactive 3D network connectivity. The Interactive 3D network is a transatlantic network with a capacity of over Gigabits. The network is redundantly connected to multiple premium transit providers and over 1,000 peers.

InfinityHosts LLP has SmartDC carrier-neutral datacenter in Rotterdam. We use award-winning adiabatic cooling techniques to reach a PUE of 1.1. SmartDC is a carrier-neutral datacenter scaling and building out on a unique modular concept. This allows us to customize each and every suite to the needs of our clients and offer an incredible amount of flexibility to our colocation offering. Whether you are building a small-scale environment or require a large-scale private suite for a high-density environment, we will be able to tailor our offering to your wishes on security, cooling, fire prevention, cages and racks and available power per rack (up to 20 kVA).


  • 30.000 Mbit AMS-IX (Amsterdam)
  • 20.000 Mbit NL-IX (Rotterdam)
  • 20.000 Mbit DE-CIX (Frankfurt)
  • 10.000 Mbit LINX Juniper LAN (London)
  • 10.000 Mbit PLIX (Warsaw)
  • 1.000 Mbit Equinix private peer (Washington DC)
  • 1.000 Mbit Rackspace UK private peer (London Slough)
  • 1.000 Mbit Equinix Exchange (Sydney)


  • 50.000 Mbit Level 3 (Rotterdam)
  • 10.000 Mbit Level 3 (Frankfurt)
  • 50.000 Mbit Global Crossing (Rotterdam)
  • 10.000 Mbit Global Crossing (Frankfurt)
  • 40.000 Mbit Cogent (Rotterdam)

Datacenter Photos